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Nov 28th - Azar 8th 23:23
Since its establishment in January of 2000 as one of the very first online B2C (Business to Consumer) service Persianflora has evolved to one of the most reliable, safest and most successful B2C service in Iran (Persia!).

Its customer base spans from all corners of the globe such as New Zealand, Australia, India, GCC countries, all over Europe and entire North America. Our customers have spoken highly about our service which our testimonials attest to that.

Our primary goal is to maintain the connection between people living out side of Iran with their loved ones in Iran.

Persianflora is made by Persians for Persians and their affiliate. We have kept our motto for the past twelve years and we take pride in it.

Our special thanks go to our valued customers for entrusting and empowering us to fulfill their requests.

Persianflora Team,
+98 913 316 3632
Fluent in English & Persian
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