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Apr 17th - Farvardin 28th 21:05
Divan e Hafez
Divan e Hafez
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Apr 21th, 2021, Morning
Divan e Hafez

The detail(s) of the item is as follows:
English translation:  Henry Wiberforce Clarke
Language:  Persian - English
Publication Year:  1384
Pages:  554
Editor:  Farzad Farid Afshin
Typesetin:  M. Najafi
Lyout:  M. Najafi
Illumination:  Marziyeh Erfani
Technical supervisor:  Mehrdad Mahdion
Lithography:  Graphicgostar
Printing:  Naghsh Iran
Binding:  Ahadi
Circulation:  3000
ISBN:  964-8913-12-9
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