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Persianflora offers two type of support:

1. Leave it up to us
Simply give the price and leave it up to us, which in this case our team takes your price and orders the appropriate arrangement for you.

2. Making a decision after we have done our research
In this case, Persianflora consulting team, will list its findings in an image format for your viewing. Sender can then use his/her Ref. number to view and select the desired arrangement. The consulting fee is based on the number of requested suggestion(s).
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   I will pay the price now and leave it up to PersianFlora's consulting team.
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Glass Vase of  Rose
Glass Vase of  Rose, Gerbera, Lily, Carnation
 Wrap of  Gerbera, Alstremeria
Glass Vase of  Rose, Lily, Carnation
Glass Vase of  Lily
Glass Vase of  Rose
.:Add more zest to your order from the following items.

1. 'Books', 'Dolls' & 'Gift cards' will be placed in
    a Persianflora's hand made box.

2. All add-ons include 3 long stem roses as an added value.
    In case you have added flowers to your order as well,
    the value of 3 roses would be added to your order with
    suitable stems.
No.: C110
Price: $16.66
Pastry catalogue
4 items
Sun flower
Sun flower
No.: D150
Height: 32 cm
Price: $12.28
Dolls catalogue
5 items
Rls 2,000,000<br> gift card + Roses
Rls 2,000,000
gift card + Roses
No.: L106
Price: $34.81
Luxury catalogue
9 items
Divan e Hafez
Divan e Hafez
No.: B100
Price: $18.68
literary books catalogue
5 items
Golden pomagranate L
Golden pomagranate L
No.: E100
Height: 10 cm
Made of: Ceramic
Price: $25.42
Exotic art catalogue
8 items
Vince Camuto (women)
Vince Camuto (women)
No.: P114
Volume: 100 ml
Price: $80.42
Perfumes catalogue
9 items
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 Rommina Vedadghavami
Thank you for your prompt responses and great work. Appreciate it. The order ...

 Aldona Gorowska
The best service I have ever come across , very helpful and ...

 Arezoo & David DEAN-JONES
Thank you. The flowers for Masoumeh were very beautiful. Arezoo & David ...

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Persianflora’s catalogue comprises of a collection of arrangements designed specifically for Birthday, Anniversary, Congratulation, Mother’s day, Bereavement and any other occasion.
Persianflora’s online service gives the ability to customize any arrangement be it the number of flowers, price or packaging. Persianflora’s online delivery system can deliver to any where in Iran such as Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz, Ahwaz, Mashhad, Tabriz or any where in Iran.
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