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1- How close is my arrangement to the picture I view on your site?

Persianflora strives to the best of its ability on the quality of each order. As far as the gifts are concerned what you see is what you get at a 90+%. And for the flowers each of our distributors utilizes the freshest quality of flowers available in the market.


2- What if the city where I want to send to is not on the list of the cities in your site?

In these situations the best way is to contact us through (contact us section of our site). Once we receive your inquiry we do our best to accommodate your request.


3- Is it possible to send gifts with my flowers to outside Iran?

Accepting gift request for out side Iran is only possible via telephone and if the requested gift is available at a site.


4- Is your distribution center in a centralized location or are they decentralized around Iran?

For gifts our distribution center is centralized. But for the flowers because of our commitment to the freshness and quality of the flowers, are decentralized with our affiliated flower shops around Iran.


5- Could you please explain about your security policy specifically about credit card processing?

All of the information entered such as phone number, address and emails are kept on Persian flora's servers and accessible ONLY to Persian flora's management.
Credit card processing is taken place on our trusted merchant account servers (i.e. PAYEEZY) and Persian flora only sees the processing results.


+98 912 420 3116
Only short messages please
+98 913 316 3662 (EN)
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