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Services provided by are as follows:
- Ordering flower and gifts
- Sending pictures
- Consulting

By default the destination for your order is Iran. The name and local time for your destination in located on top right corner of the page. In case your destination is not Iran you can click on the "change destination" and choose the country from the list of the countries. By clicking on the country of choice you will be presented with a catalogue for the chosen country.

Ordering flower and gifts:
1- Add your arrangement to your shopping cart
2- Continue shopping or proceed to check out
3- Fill out the recipient and sender form. Please make sure you enter your email address and a password as this will become your membership ID and with it you start earning points as well other benefits
4- The Last page is you payment processing page which will be on Cyber Source our payment gate server. Please enter your payment information and click BUY.
5- Once your payment information has been authenticated by our payment gateway (Cyber Source) you will receive a Thank you page with a reference number to track your order processing.
6- If your payment information DOES NOT authenticate then you will see a page from Persianflora with a message from our payment gateway embedded in there.

Sending pictures:
This option is only available for Iran and for customers who have already sent a flower order and have a username & password. Username and password are obtained during order processing in the sender's information section and is only required to be input once. Please follow the following steps to accomplish this task:
1- Click on Services menu
2- Choose "share your moments"
3- Enter username and password
4- Click on "browse" to choose the path to your saved picture
5- Choose the desired frame
6- Add to shopping card
7- Proceed with more shopping to check-out

If you want to use Persianflora's consulting team expertise and experience then this option is for you.
1- You choose a price, occasion, flower type and packaging and leave it to us to order the flowers for you
2- You pay a small consulting fee ($5 per suggestion) and we will present you with a suggestion(s) for you to choose from. Once you have selected the returned suggestion from us then the ordering process will continue as normal.

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Persianflora’s catalogue comprises of a collection of arrangements designed specifically for Birthday, Anniversary, Congratulation, Mother’s day, Bereavement and any other occasion.
Persianflora’s online service gives the ability to customize any arrangement be it the number of flowers, price or packaging. Persianflora’s online delivery system can deliver to any where in Iran such as Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz, Ahwaz, Mashhad, Tabriz or any where in Iran.
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