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Destination: Des.: Iran
Jun 7th - Khordad 17th 06:07
Basket of  Lily, Iris, Marguerite, Carnation
Code: M208
Price: $75.39
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A beautiful basket of Lilies, Iris, Marguerite and Carnation speaks only of love, desire, devotion and on and on....

New year , Mother's day , Father's day

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Stem specification
 8 Classic  Purple  Iriss
Not available at this period of the year! The distributor center will substitute this with a similar one in color and price.
 8 Classic  White  Marguerites
 3 Oriental  White-Pink  Lilys
 8 Fancy  Peach  Carnations
Packaging instruction
   Bright brown  Tall circle M  Basket
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Only short messages please
+98 913 316 3662 (EN)
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Order was received I am very pleased. Flowers were beautiful, cake and...
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Thank you so much! The flowers were beautiful....
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Thank you very much for my recent order. My mother loved the...
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