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BB Candy
Bibi Confectionery is one of the most experienced confectioneries in Tehran and the quality and taste of its cakes are unique.
The cakes of this confectionery can only be deliver in Tehran.
Tache Art Group
Tache art group comprise of expert painters from around Iran specifically Esfahan.
The technique used by these artists are mostly water color on slaps of Marble , wood, canvas and cartons.
The subject of the paintings varies from city, street, views, portrait and so forth and so on.
Salian chain stores
Salian chain stores was established in 1381, their official activity with the aim of designing, planning production and quality control and distribution with new methods, to provide a variety of clothing, bags, shoes and other related goods for all age groups 2 years and older and Gender (male and female) and has started retailing in the form of large chain stores with the Iranian brand Salian.
+98 912 420 3116
Only short messages please
+98 913 316 3662 (EN)
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