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Jun 7th - Khordad 17th 07:49
- The entire flower pictures and gifts are a sample of what we can provide. During ordering process- depending on time and/or location the possibility of a change in the color of the flower and the packaging exists (Especially for orders which need to be processed in less than 48 hours)

- During gift selection please pay attention to the fact that most of the gifts are in Tehran and/or Esfahan. In case, your recipient is any where other than Tehran and/or Esfahan it would not be prudent to send any perishable item. Unless, the chosen item is also available where the recipient resides.

- We contact the recipient before delivery. This is to reconfirm their address and reach a consensus on the time of delivery.

- In design your own basket, if the finish product does not match a suitable presentation, Persianflora has the right to make the changes necessary that the finish product is presentable for delivery which complies to the original dollar value.

+98 912 420 3116
Only short messages please
+98 913 316 3662 (EN)
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Luis Figueroa
Order was received I am very pleased. Flowers were beautiful, cake and...
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Thank you so much! The flowers were beautiful....
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Thank you very much for my recent order. My mother loved the...
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