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Name:  Sara Alavi
from:   Canada
 Message:  Hello, my dad loved the flower it was huge and nicely put thanks a lot. We I’ll definitely recommend you to others.
Date:  Dec 17th, 2018
Name:  Dr david dean-jones
from:   United States
 Message:  Thank you so much! The flowers are very beautiful! I look forward to using your services again.
Date:  Nov 29th, 2018
Name:  Marzi Sharifi
from:   United States
 Message:  Hi,just a big thank you for delivering my order very on time.thanks
Date:  Nov 22th, 2018
Name:  Elmira
from:   Iran
 Message:  Thank you thank you. It was wonderful both the flowers and the service. I was able to create a beautiful surprise for my most beloved!
Date:  Aug 28th, 2018
Name:  abnoos Moslehi
from:   Hungary
 Message:  On time, easy, and fresh flowers! Thanks!
Date:  Jul 14th, 2018
Name:  Mandana Beheshti
from:   United States
 Message:  Thank you!! You are the bridge of love between me and my family. :)
Date:  Jun 24th, 2018
Name:  Talha Tahir
from:   United Arab Emirates
 Message:  Thank you for your services. I'm really happy with the quality of gifts. Keep on spreading the love!
Date:  Jun 20th, 2018
Name:  Andy
from:   United States
 Message:  EXCELLENT flowers and a very special surprise for a birthday. I am so happy for this service. Everything was very professional and there was nothing to worry about. AMAZING.
Date:  May 10th, 2018
Name:  Ali Rouzati
from:   United States
 Message:  I am absolutely pleased with your services! Very organized and always prompt. Your flowers are fresh, beautiful and reasonably priced. Thank you :)
Date:  Mar 22th, 2018
Name:  Sima Rezai
from:   Canada
 Message:  Thank you guys it was vary beautiful
Date:  Mar 8th, 2018
Name:  Shadab Momenzadah
from:   Canada
 Message:  Hello, Thx a lot for your service, I was really worried, and wasn’t sure, if my sister gets the right order, right day, Thx for making sure, she is home, by calling her, few times, for being ontime and also the quality of flowers and chocolates were great, hope you guys keeping the good job, and hope your service never changes.
Date:  Mar 1st, 2018
Name:  Parisa Pouresfahani
from:   United States
 Message:  Awesome thank you so much
Date:  Dec 31th, 2017
Name:  cindy burney
from:   United States
 Message:  The flowers were delivered today and are beautiful. Thank you so much for being a prompt reliable service!
Date:  May 17th, 2017
Name:  Adel AlZarooni
from:   United Arab Emirates
 Message:  Wonderful service, great variety, swift and prompt. Highly recommended for future use. Thank you for making my partner happy.
Date:  Feb 13th, 2017
Name:  Natasha Khameneh
from:   Canada
 Message:  Thank you for such an amazing job,great service and prompt communications. I will definitely recommend this site to everyone i know. Thanks again.
Date:  Aug 14th, 2016
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Thank you. The flowers for Masoumeh were very beautiful. Arezoo & David ...

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Persianflora’s catalogue comprises of a collection of arrangements designed specifically for Birthday, Anniversary, Congratulation, Mother’s day, Bereavement and any other occasion.
Persianflora’s online service gives the ability to customize any arrangement be it the number of flowers, price or packaging. Persianflora’s online delivery system can deliver to any where in Iran such as Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz, Ahwaz, Mashhad, Tabriz or any where in Iran.
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